Quoting in Excel could be costing you a lot!

Quoting with Excel could be cutting into your earning potential! While it’s great for many things, it clearly wasn’t created with quoting in mind.

You could quote 27% faster just by adding a quote and proposal automation solution to your portfolio.*

Here are 5 ways you pay when quoting with Excel:

  1. Quotes take forever to create
  2. You’re the victim of double data entry
  3. You have to pay someone to maintain your spreadsheets
  4. Adding new products is tough
  5. Your people can “tweak” the number

To see the remaining 5 ways quoting with Excel can hurt your profitability, download the 10 Hidden Costs of Quoting with Excel eBook.

*Aberdeen Group, “Configure, Price, Quote: Best-in-Class Deployments that Speed the Sale” 2013.

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