Product Catalog Management

The definition of “Product Catalog” has changed over the years for many businesses. Where once we sold only from our own closely held and painfully maintained product list, we now might call the world our catalog, and our sales team might add new products with virtually every quote.

Quosal quoting and proposal software was designed from the ground up to provide maximum flexibility in product catalog management and flow, whether you have your own catalog of products and services, or call on the grand resources of online data for your quotes and proposals. Quosal Catalog provides for the needs of users on your own network, and serves up product data for Quosal Sell and Mobile interfaces, anywhere in the world. Quosal Catalog delivers maintenance of your own catalog via its intuitive user interface including scheduling of the automated download and import of supplier catalogs and price/availability feeds.

"One of the most important elements of your quote and proposal processes."


Your product catalogs are one of the most important elements of your quote and proposal processes. Quosal Catalog vastly simplifies product catalog management, as well as those of your suppliers and partners. Features include:

  • Dynamically load catalog data from almost any standard source or file format including Excel, Delimited (CSV), Text files, ODBC data sources, and more
  • The support of hundreds of standard and custom data fields, including rich content
  • Serves product data on your own network or from your own Web servers to meet the needs of multiple offices, eternal users, Quosal Sell, and Order Porter
  • Low administration, automated operation
  • Works with all Quosal platform clients
  • Intuitive user interface that enables complete control over managing your catalog(s)


Quosal Catalog benefits include:

  • Easy to implement, maintain and use – saves time through automation of catalog management process
  • Serves up ALL product data, saving time and money
  • Allows universal access for all Quosal users of all Quosal clients – no redundant systems (and maintenance of same) required
  • Allows maintenance and loading of catalog data from almost any source, meaning you can keep your data where you already have it and still use it with Quosal in many cases
  • Fast, responsive product inquiries from anywhere

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