Powerful quote and proposal automation.
your sales team to
quote & propose in minutes

Quosal makes it easier and faster than ever for your sales team to generate professional, accurate, timely quotes and proposals. Our latest innovations to help maximize your chances to win every quote and proposal, as well as providing a constant stream of micro-rewards that continuously recognize your sales team’s efforts.

"Quosal guides your sales team to success!"


Quosal makes your quote and proposal processes easier, faster and better than ever with a minimal learning curve and maximum functionality and flexibility. Unparalleled sales automation and workflow-support capabilities instantly transform your sales team – all while fully supporting your business processes with outstanding CRM and operations integration, single login support, and multiple deployment options. Features include:

  • Create, deliver, manage and close your Quote and Proposal-based sales through a user-friendly Web interface and quote proposal template
  • Utilize revolutionary technology through SuccessList™ and Quosal Achieve™
  • Produce fully branded, visually appealing, professional quotes in a fraction of the time it takes with current tools
  • Integrate with your CRM system to produce opportunities, tasks & activities, notes, document attachments, audit, detailed and summarized quotes and other critical data
  • Utilize a full sales manager console for unique, powerful insights into each rep’s SuccessList™ and your current flow of quotes and proposals


Quosal delivers numerous benefits and measurable ROI to your sales team:

  • Win more sales with accurate, professional quotes and proposals – and win them FASTER
  • Reduce lost sales and sales opportunities through workflow support and exception reporting throughout the quoting process
  • Reduce training and up-to-speed time for new sales reps through a simplified user interface
  • Incentivize, motivate, and encourage your sales team to attain better results with Quosal Achieve™
  • Launch Quosal Sell anywhere with the most flexible deployment options on the market
  • Easy, fast, and optimized mobile quoting on any browser-compatible device

For more information please call 888.266.8795 or email info@quosal.com.