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Our eBooks and white papers provide you with tips, trends and best practices that can guide you to sales success.

5 Sales Metrics to Measure


Sales data is critical to your organization. It’s important for you to track revenue forecasts and use that data to share insights to other teams on what’s working and what’s not. Learn the top 5 Sales Metrics to Measure so you can start measuring these important metrics and grow your business.

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How to Make Sales Personal in a Digital World


In today’s digital world, personal selling has started to fall by the wayside. What used to be door-to-door visits, or in-person meetings often happen behind a computer screen. Take the time to add back the personal touch to selling with the proper techniques to make sales personal again in a digital world. Download the eBook today!

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5 Steps to a Stronger Sales and Marketing Team


The ongoing struggle between sales and marketing isn’t new. It’s almost come to be expected in most organizations. But, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are huge benefits to aligning the two teams- even more quota achievement. Download the eBook to learn tips on how to bring sales and marketing together.

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5 Most Common Quoting Mistakes (and how to fix them)


The quote and proposal process can make or break your deals. When done correctly, you can expect a faster close rate, and increased deal sizes. But, when done wrong, it can cost you BIG TIME. Download our 5 Most Common Quoting Mistakes (and how to fix them) eBook to learn how you can fix the biggest quoting blunders so you can win more deals.

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Quosal is for Closers


When companies are looking for a quote and proposal automation solution, they will evaluate multiple vendors to see who will fit their needs the most. In this eBook, we explore why Quosal is the solution for Closers, and how we can help you save time, sell more and win BIG.

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5 Things to Know When Selling to Millennials


Brace yourself, millennials are coming. Actually, they’re already here. Within the next 5 years, the millennial generation will make up 50% of the U.S. workforce. Are you prepared to sell to this ever-growing demographic? Download our eBook to gain 5 tips on how to better sell to the millennial generation.

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Quote for the Future


Are you still using antiquated methods to create and send your quotes and proposals? Take the manual side out of quoting and remove the roadblocks for your customers to say ‘yes.’ Implementing a quote and proposal solution, like Quosal can help you get out of the past and join the quoting future. Download our eBook to see how.

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Sales Acceleration with Quosal and NetSuite


Work smarter and faster with Quosal and NetSuite. Quosal has helped thousands of companies accelerate their sales process through quote and proposal automation. With tight integration to NetSuite, Quosal allows you to automatically update your opportunity and quote record. Download our eBook to learn how Quosal and NetSuite can help you accelerate your sales.

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The Art of the Perfect Proposal


There’s a true art to creating a proposal that closes. Just with any skill you learn, it takes time to truly perfect your technique. You must respect the process. Expert quotes carefully balance content and design, and logo placement is consistent throughout all communications. The mission is to make the quote easy to read and comprehend. There are standards, and nothing goes out unless it meets those expectations. Download the ebook to see how to craft the perfect proposal that closes.

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Confidently Chase Bigger Deals! Get The Insider’s Guide to Sales Transformation!


Find out how your processes stack up against the best in the industry. Our Insider's Guide to Sales Transformation shares best practices for improving sales processes.

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Sales Acceleration: Speed Up Your Sales Cycle With Quosal


Slow sales process? It’s time to speed it up! Accelerate your sales with quote and proposal automation from Quosal. With key features designed to revolutionize your sales process, Quosal can free your sales team from administrative burdens, and help them become sales superstars.

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10 Hidden Costs of Quoting with Excel


Many companies shy away from investing in a professional quote and proposal automation platform because they think it’s too expensive, or that Excel is just as good. Unfortunately, Excel wasn’t designed with quoting in mind, which is why tailoring it to meet your unique quoting needs can be cumbersome. See the 10 Hidden Costs of Quoting with Excel, so they don’t catch you by surprise.

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5 Secrets to Sales Success


How can you measure success in your sales organization? Creating and growing a functional sales team can be tricky. You have to consider motivating incentives, encourage professionalism, and find efficiencies wherever possible. Add on the day-to-day operations, and it can become a difficult task. In this eBook, we’ll share the 5 Secrets to Sales Success so you can create a selling machine.

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5 Ways to Crush Your Quota with Quosal


We all know, there’s no “one-way” to close a deal. In fact, there are multiple proven methods for winning over a prospect. But, when there are methods that work, you stick with them. We have bottled our 8+ years of industry experience, and come up with 5 ways to help you crush your quota. By employing these methods, you can be well on your way to winning more deals, and crushing more quotas. Download the eBook to learn more.

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Best Practices in Sales Workflow: Yes, Virginia, There Is A Better Way to Close


How do Best-in-Class companies run a successful sales organization? What are the tools and techniques they are using on a daily basis that makes them successful. With all of the pressures of finicky buyers, an ever-changing pipeline, and an increasing quota, there is a lot of business friction. In this report published by The Aberdeen Group in November of 2014, analyst, Peter Ostrow, discusses the best practices in sales workflow, so you can close more deals and win more business.

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CPQ=Better Sales Productivity

Utilizing a CPQ helps Best-in-Class companies get better deals, faster. In this Smart Bite from the Aberdeen Group, they discuss the top 6 attributes

Utilizing a CPQ helps Best-in-Class companies get better deals, faster. In this Smart Bite from the Aberdeen Group, they discuss the top 6 attributes of a Best-in-Class company and how it relates to their utilization of a CPQ in their business. 

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On the Use of Video-Game Style Achievement Systems…
In Quote and Proposal Automation

The rich vein of motivation and the innate drive to excel is particularly inherent to sales professionals. In sales, traditional recognitions remain centered around a very limited set of achievements and are reward/punishment based. But there are new motivational concepts being launched in business software, like Quosal, that leverages gamification techniques - game-like competition and reward systems – to motivate sales people. Learn more about the ground-breaking techniques Quosal has embedded into its software to help you win more business.

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5 Steps to Sales Proposals that Win

In this highly competitive world where you never get a second change to make a first impression, the proposal process is possibly the most important process in your business. Learn the five steps for building winning sales proposals, forever changing your proposal success rate…and your business.

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Critical Success Factor Identification & Profiling

Business leadership may not have a crystal ball to show them the future, but they do have the ability to create and track meaningful data points, and to identify key events that lead to the accomplishment of goals, especially in sales. Quosal calls these key events, the sequence, timing and profile of success, the SuccessList. Learn how Quosal applies the SuccessList into their quote and proposal automation platform to optimize the selling process and improve sales results.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Quoting


Losing deals but not sure why? You might be committing one or more of the 7 Deadly Sins of Quoting. You’re not alone. Many companies simply don’t realize how important quotes and proposals can be. It’s the last chance to make a great impression before the client makes a decision. Download the eBook to learn how to banish the 7 Deadly Sins of Quoting from your practice.

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Top 10 Reasons You Need Quote and Proposal Automation


Do your sales quotes and proposals take too long to create, get stuck in internal approval or contain inaccuracies? Do your sales people wait impatiently for customers to sign and fax back proposals? Is it difficult for managers to know the real-time status of every quote? This ebook dives into the top ten reasons that companies like yours choose to automat this critical part of the sales process.

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Top Considerations for Selecting the Right Quote
and Proposal Automation Solution


A quote and proposal automation solution helps sales teams produce timely, accurate and professional-looking quotes in much less time. This is a key area of sales process automation that is too often overlooked by businesses.

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