Quosal, by ConnectWise, Inc.
Customer Testimonials

Quosal is for Closers!

The Quosal team is committed to sales success. Our goal is help customers create quotes that close and proposals that win. View the testimonials below to see how Quosal is helping companies succeed.
“Once I saw what the capabilities were of Quosal, we knew it was time to make a change.”
Bob Duff
Senior Technical Consultant
Networks of Florida
“Before Quosal, every sales person was using a different format.”
Elizabeth Cermak
Account Manger
ImagineIT, Inc.
“We started using Quosal so we could get the quotes out faster and spend a lot less time on the back end.”
Brian Hunt
Manager Consultant
Integrity Consulting Group
“The major benefit of using Quosal is the integration with distributors and being able to utilize Etilize.”
Dan King
K2 Technologies
Quosal for Sales
“Quosal helped us improve our process. We put it into production within two days, we turned all of our inside sales reps onto the package within a month, the product just works.”
Tom McFarlin,
Operations Manager,
“When we put Quosal in on the ConnectWise software side, it had dramatic impact, day one. Our clients and prospects were getting quotes instantaneously instead of waiting for them.”
Arnie Bellini,
Josh Oakes,
VP of Operations,
Thrive Networks
Mark Essayian,
KME Systems
Net Communications
Infinity Network Solutions
“Order Porter has helped us change the sales cycle quite a bit.”
Seth Russell
Computer St. Louis
Innovative Computing Systems
TS Tech Enterprises
Cool Chilli