Learn how to maximize your
Quosal experience.

Master Quosal with a little help from those who built and continue to advance the platform. Review educational materials that explain how to perform certain actions in Quosal, watch brief tutorials, and learn about new functionality as it’s added.

Quosal University isn’t just for beginners. We’re constantly adding new resources that show you how to use the latest and greatest features in Quosal. Our knowledge base is your secret weapon.

Quosal University gives you:

  • Written documentation for every feature
  • A product roadmap with expected release dates
  • A library of training videos
  • Release notes
  • Assign coursework and majors to your team

Discover new ways to speed up your sales cycle with Quosal by accessing Quosal University trainings. As a Quosal customer, it’s a free to you. Learn more today!