Industries Served: Medical
Accurate, Precise
Quotes and Proposals

Medical professionals and service providers are expected to consistently deliver accuracy and precision. Making sure they can do that means providing them with the highest quality products and services. Whether you’re selling furniture, medical equipment, software, or supplies, your quotes and proposals are the last thing your customers see before they purchase, so you want to ensure you make a great impression.

With Quosal, you can set the tone with time-saving capabilities through our online quote and proposal delivery tool. The system allows your customers to e-sign orders and create self-service reorders. Time is of the essence in the medical field, so our hyper-efficient mobile platform support gives you the flexibility to quote in the field.

Quosal helps your sales team deliver every day, with features including:

  • Digital delivery of quotes and proposals with high-quality product images, and personalized videos
  • Easy and fast to deploy, implement, learn and use
  • Online quote and proposal delivery execution, and e-signature
  • Standardized processes to help sales reps get up to speed and sell quickly
  • Fully integrates to CRM and accounting systems for end-to-end quote to order, onboarding and invoicing workflow
  • Automatically or upon request, Quosal manages your quote review and approval workflow so your managers can review, comment and approve/reject from anywhere with any browser-enabled device

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