Industries Served: Professional Services
Clarity and precision
so you can
work for your clients

Professional service providers rely on clarity and accuracy in their client proposals. Scope, terms, and billing rates have to be clearly defined and acknowledged, and service providers need to be able to present and execute change orders when necessary.

Quosal gives you the power to deliver great proposals that describe services in detail. By standardizing the proposal creation process, Quosal helps you deliver project proposals and statements of work—whether short or extensive—quickly and easily.

Time is money – make the most of it with Quosal.

Quosal is an amazing tool for creating professional proposals:

  • Automatically and dynamically generate full multi-section proposals with Quosal’s dynamic forms designer or with Microsoft Office
  • Create standardized templates and content libraries in Quosal to create repeatable proposal formats
  • Easily incorporate rich content into your proposals
  • Online quote and proposal delivery execution, and e-signature

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