Industries Served: Software
Sales Support
for Software Developers

As software sales models change, your team has to support traditional licensing alongside sophisticated recurring revenue models. Quosal gives you the flexibility to do that and so much more. Quotes and proposals for SaaS models can have multiple payment models and licensing agreements, and developers need a tool powerful and flexible enough to make that happen.

Empowering your sales team with the best tools helps keep them focused on better business and, in return, more software sales. With Quosal’s online delivery system, your sales team saves time and lets customers choose personalized options.

Innovative software helps close the sale.

Quosal supports your software company with key capabilities, including:

  • Generating high-quality quote and proposal documents
  • Using template-based configurations and options
  • Automatically calculating multiple payment models to support licensing, leading, and SaaS models
  • Online quote and proposal delivery execution and e-payment with individualized customer options
  • Guided selling walks reps through the sales process, so no important steps are missed
  • Automated customer self-service add-on license and subscription support
  • Manage your workflow through an online delivery system, so you can review, comment and approve/reject from anywhere with any browser-enabled device

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