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Sales tax calculation keeps getting exponentially more complex. Lawmakers find new, unique and exceedingly difficult ways to assess sales tax on your customers, while government bureaucracy creates equally incomprehensible means to report and collect them. Businesses of all sizes struggle to keep pace. Fortunately, Avalara has developed the AvaTax service to easily integrate with Quosal to automate these onerous requirements. Quosal’s integration with AvaTax ensures that your first step in the process of correctly determining the right taxability, rates, jurisdictions, and nexus are quickly and accurately calculated, with Avalara’s up-to-the-minute, real-time tax libraries.

Quoting sales tax is complicated. AvaTax and Quosal make it easy.

Avalara provides our mutual clients with sales tax automation software, helping businesses manage the complexities of transactional tax compliance. Founded in 2004 with the desire to make sales tax management easier, Avalara is now a top-rated technology company with tens of thousands of customers globally. Avalara cloud-hosted solutions streamline the complicated and burdensome process of managing tax-related activities and are pre-certified to integrate with 300+ accounting, ERP, and ecommerce platforms. Avalara processes millions of tax transactions daily, files hundreds of thousands of transactional tax returns annually, and manages millions of exemption certificates and other compliance documents on behalf of its customers. Visit www.avalara.com for more information.

Quosal’s integration with AvaTax extends tax calculation support in the following ways:

  • Quosal maps your product, services and quote-level data to Avatax tax categories
  • On-demand, real-time tax calculation performed against Avatax Cloud services for up-to-the-minute access to current tax calculation rules
  • Applicable taxing authorities and rates identified and tracked based on who you are, who your customer is and where they are located, by product type and quote context
  • Order Porter works with Avatax to properly recalculate taxes based on real-time option selection by the customer
  • Additional services offered by Avalara for sales tax reporting, audit protection and more
  • For Quosal users subscribing to Etilize, Etilize product categories mapped to Avatax categories for automatic tax calculation of over 7 million products
  • Average real-time tax calculation tasks place in seconds
  • Avatax integrates with your downstream systems such as Quickbooks and Microsoft GP Dynamics to complete the transaction

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For more information about integrating with Avatax by Avalara, please contact us at info@quosal.com or call 888.266.8795.