Total Proposal Workflow
Total Integration

Quosal's browser-based, dynamic user interface and seamless integration with ConnectWise provide a comfortable, familiar work environment for ConnectWise partners. Now, you can access Quosal without ever leaving the ConnectWise platform. Create your quotes and proposals in minutes!

Quosal's integration with ConnectWise doesn't stop with the products. Quosal and ConnectWise development teams work off of a shared roadmap to ensure long-lasting integrations that will not break- both now, and in the future.

Quosal’s integration to ConnectWise includes:

  • Creating quotes and proposals without ever leaving ConnectWise
  • Customer account, contact, and product master data
  • Comprehensive, flexible opportunity management
  • Quote-to-order and quote-to-procurement workflow
  • Quote-to-project and service ticket workflow
  • Project-phase quoting

Partner Information:

4110 George Road, Ste. 200
Tampa, FL 33634

Contact us today for more information about Quosal's integration to ConnectWise. Call 888.266.8795 or email us at info@quosal.com.