Import Dell eQuotes from right within Quosal!

Quosal allows Dell resellers, to receive Dell Premier eQuotes via email and turn them into easy-to-read, and easy-to-close quotes. With a copy and paste feature, you can take the entire HTML email, paste it into Quosal, and automatically update your quote with the information you need. And, based on your Dell templates, your cost modifiers will automatically update too, saving you valuable time.

You may also be working within the Dell interface to configure your products. In Quosal, you can click the “Create Dell Quote” button, and you will automatically be logged in and directed to the Dell website. There, you can configure your products, and send it directly to your quote within Quosal. In 5-6 clicks, you will have a custom quote ready to deliver online to your clients.

Importing Dell eQuotes into Quosal allows you to:

  • Create custom Dell templates
  • Prepare a quote in just a few clicks
  • Copy and paste from your HTML email
  • Filter product descriptions for what your client wants to see
  • Apply cost modifiers automatically
  • Open Dell within the Quosal interface
  • Electronically deliver your quotes to your client

Ready to see how Quosal can make importing and quoting your Dell products easy and fast? Request a live demo today!

Industries Served:

  • Dell Resellers

Partner Information:

Dell Corporate Headquarters
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682


For more information about the Dell and Quosal integration, please contact us at info@quosal.com or call 888.266.8795.