Pricing and Availability
at Your Fingertips

Along with your Customers and Documents, Product Information is one of the three pillars of your quoting system. Whether your supply chain is internal or external, accurate and timely information about product pricing and availability is essential. Quosal was uniquely architected to allow you to integrate to your product data feeds to keep this information at your fingertips. Whether your distributor partners are providing you with state-of-the-art real time data feeds, downloadable price files and spreadsheets, or individual quotes of their own we’ll integrate those data sources to your daily sales process.

No more website diving for product data – Quosal brings that data to you.

Productivity in the quote and proposal process leverages your knowledgeable and skilled sales resources. Quosal, in many ways, can dramatically reduce the time spent creating quotes and proposals. The delivery of timely, accurate product availability and pricing data is core and essential for your quoting process. Quosal not only integrates to those product sources, but can often automate that process to keep this essential data fresh.

Distributor integration capabilities of Quosal include:

  • Quosal’s Product Buffet™ system allows you to directly integrate with standard data file formats, Excel/CSV documents, ODBC data sources, etc. – as many as are needed
  • Map any number of price files, price lists or schedules to Quosal
  • Expanded list of Real-time, XML-based data feed partners
  • Distributor support includes real-time purchase order placement through XML feeds, shipment tracking, and more
  • Automatically update the pricing of existing quotes based on refreshed distributor data
  • Multiple tool sets within Quosal to support your incoming distributor data, from simple file mapping to real-time feeds to Quosal Catalog Server
  • Product data sources can be dynamically grouped to control what is being accessed and viewed during the quoting process
  • Quosal works with our customers to add support for new distributor partners continually

Industries Served:

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For more information about integrating with Distribution, call us at 888.266.8795 or email info@quosal.com.