QuickBooks Integration for
Efficiency & Accuracy

Each day, hundreds of thousands of SMB’s around the world rely on the many benefits of QuickBooks by Intuit for their daily accounting workflow. A great deal of that workflow is based on sales transactions (which are based on your quotes and proposals), so it’s essential to have smooth, accurate integration from your quoting platform to QuickBooks.

There are hundreds of behind-the-scenes details in our comprehensive interface to QuickBooks. We’ve taken care of those details so our users can focus on the orders they’ve won, fulfilled and billed quickly, and with no re-entry of the information they’ve already entered into Quosal.

Get quote to order with integrity and no re-entry of data.

Among the benefits that Quosal delivers to our customers, there are many that resound with ALL of them. One is the elimination of data re-entry. Your quote in Quosal contains everything you need to completely process and, in most cases, bill the order. So why are some businesses re-entering that data four, five or more times into different systems – or even the same systems? Quosal solves that problem with a comprehensive, accurate integration and workflow that truly supports the needs of your business in this mission-critical area. The net result is an overall increase in productivity and an often dramatic decrease in the amount of time it takes to fulfill and fully close out your sales transactions.

Quosal’s rich, deep integration to QuickBooks includes:

  • Sales Document Creation from Quotes – Sales Orders, Invoices, Estimates with automatic customer account creation
  • Direct Purchase Order creation
  • Automatic Product (Item) Creation
  • Support for QuickBooks tax codes
  • Support for QuickBooks custom templates (Sales & Purchasing)
  • Only users posting to QuickBooks need a QuickBooks license and access
  • Compatible with QuickBooks Enterprise, Premier, and Professional editions (2009 or later)

Industries Served:

  • All

Partner Information:

(877) 683-3280

For more information about integrating with Quickbooks, please contact us at info@quosal.com or call 888.266.8795.