Quote and Proposal Software

Create quotes in minutes, deliver them online, and accept them with e-signature.

Product Configuration

Quosal’s template-based product configuration capability makes configuring your standard products fast and easy.

Online Quote Presentation
& Execution

Combining online quote delivery with e-signature execution to save time and grow sales.

Sales Workflow Automation

Quosal’s SuccessList™ lets you become proactive to close more business faster than ever.

Create Professional Proposals

Create professional and accurate proposals quickly and easily anytime, anywhere.

B2B Reorders & Common Configurations

Online ordering with virtually no setup specific to your customers with Quosal.

Catalog Services

Providing maximum flexibility in product management and flow whether from a company catalog or through distributors.

Peer Review &
Approval Workflow

Internal quote approval can happen anytime and anywhere with Quosal Order Porter.

Quote to Order Workflow

Guide your team to higher, faster closing rate with Quosal Sell and SuccessList™.

Channel Management

Leverage online product catalogs, product configuration and branded proposal generation to increase sales.

Sales Acceleration Software

Accelerate your sales with Quosal's tools specifically designed to help you close more deals, faster.

Cisco Quotes

Copy and paste your CCW spreadsheet directly into Quosal, and create a quote in minutes.


Configure, price and quote with Quosal CPQ and see the difference!

Managed Service Proposals

Sales Transformation

We have developed a guide of the best practices on how to transform your sales.

Streamline Your Sales Process with Quosal

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