What’s Your Need – Catalog Services

Catalog Management that’s
Easy, Rich, and Complete

Whether you manage your own product catalog or rely on the new generation of online, real-time product data, you need it to be accurate, fresh, and always available. Quosal was architected from the ground up to work with as many catalogs as you need access to, and to take advantage of the rich array of online product resources available to you today.

Starting with your own product catalog, Quosal allows you to link into existing product information resources from spreadsheets to your own internal databases, transforming the information needed on-the-fly for your quotes and proposals. You can also use Quosal’s own internal catalog databases with hundreds of rich attribute elements from simple text to multiple product and marketing images. Your catalog managers will love the ease of maintaining and updating your catalogs. Wherever your product information comes from, Quosal makes it available to all of your users, wherever they are.

Quosal makes your catalog resources available wherever your sales team
needs them.

Quosal’s Catalog Management capabilities include:

  • Internal catalog management both through Quosal’s own catalog database or Quosal Catalog Product Server
  • Any number of catalogs can be maintained and access for your Quosal system or by user; multiple versions of catalogs can be accessed
  • Specialized online product catalogs such as Etilize™ can be accessed for up-to-the-minute real time rich product content
  • Product catalogs can be grouped together for universal access or can be accessed individually

  • Quosal catalogs contain hundreds of attribute fields and dozens of customizable, user-defined fields
  • Vendor catalog/price list management feeds seamlessly into Quosal Catalog with automatic scheduled download and update
  • Import existing catalogs into Quosal and maintain them using Quosal’s advanced management capabilities.

For more information about Catalog Services, please call 888.266.8795 or email info@quosal.com.