What’s Your Need – Channel Management

Sell More
by Making Great Resources Available to
Your Channel

Many companies that sell their products through a reseller channel underestimate the incredible impact of simply making it as easy as possible to quote your product to their customers. If you make it simple, easy and fast for your resellers to create a configuration and put a quote in front of their customer, integrated with their quoting methods, they will be very successful – for you.

Quosal solutions range from online quote requests and self-help configuration tools through Order Porter™ to your ability to allow your resellers to be added to your own Quosal licensing to bring the full power of Quosal to bear to producing quote configurations in easily consumable formats so your resellers can integrate the information with their own quotes, however they are producing them. Quosal can also help you produce and distribute your reseller price lists and track your reseller’s active pipeline, register deals, and more.

Your resellers need to put their own quote in front of their own customer. Make it easy for them, and they’ll sell more for you.

Quosal has great tools for you and your resellers:

  • Quickly and easily create online self-help quoting or quote request pages for resellers using Order Porter
  • Format and distribute reseller catalogs and price lists from the data contained in Quosal-managed catalogs
  • Securely open your Quosal licensing to your resellers to allow them to use Quosal to create their own quotes
  • Supports deal registration through Order Porter Requests

  • Allow resellers to place their own orders, providing all end-user information
  • Can provide complete visibility to your reseller forecasts
  • Easily export the configurations resellers create to formats that allow them to easily integrate to their own quoting method, whether spreadsheet-based or their own tools

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