What’s Your Need – Peer Review & Approval Workflow

Quote Approval Workflow –
Anytime, Anywhere

Conducting internal reviews of your quotes and proposals is best practice for many sales organizations. As important as approval workflows are, it’s equally important that the sales process not be unduly delayed.

Quosal, combined with the power and capabilities of Order Porter, provides many off-the-shelf controls for business and sales management to enforce business rules for approvals. When an approval is needed, the approver can review the quote or proposal; provide feedback and approval or rejection – all from any browser-enabled device, no matter where they are located.

Quosal enables your business rules with clarity and common sense.

The Peer Review and Internal Approval Features include:

  • Configurable off-the-shelf approval triggers based on multiple criteria (overall dollar, gross margin percentage, etc.)
  • Scriptable approval rules for implementation of custom rules
  • Closed-loop workflow inside the Quosal application for Quosal users; reviewers and approvers outside of the Quosal application simply need a web browser
  • Supports optional Peer Reviews or required approval work flow

  • Multiple-level approvals; alternate approvers can be configured for each entity requiring approvals
  • Approvals can be facilitated within the Quosal application, via email or via Order Porter
  • Reviews and approvals are part of the Quosal SuccessList™

For more information about Approvals Workflow, please call 888.266.8795 or email info@quosal.com.