What’s Your Need – Product Configuration

Product Configuration – Easy,
, and Mobile

Quosal’s template-based product configuration capability makes configuring your standard products fast and easy. Quosal’s Visual Quoting makes it cool.

Ensuring that your sales team can quickly and properly configure your product and service offerings is our first order of business, but equally important is ensuring that they can do so from anywhere, and in the simplest possible fashion. Visual Quoting is so impressive, it will become a part of your sales presentation – especially if you’re mobile and configuring your products side by side with your customer. Visual Quoting allows you to create simple to complex configurations in minutes.

Quosal’s support of accurate configurations includes:

  • Template-based configurations allow simple or complex or combined product and services configurations, with automated dependencies and options
  • Configuration packages and bundles can be created using multiple means
  • Visual Quoting allows simple or complex configurations to be created and tied to any graphical representation of what is being configured

  • Quote templates can contain or integrate multiple visual quotes. Visual quotes can call or add additional visual configurations
  • Script-based business rules for configuration dependencies
  • "Self-documenting” configuration quote templates, with instructions and guidance built into the configuration
  • Easy, fast updating of configuration and templates

For more information about Product Configuration, please call 888.266.8795 or email info@quosal.com.