What’s Your Need – Quote and Proposal Software

Quote and Proposal Automation from ConnectWise Sell, formerly Quosal, Helps You Win BIG.

Are you creating your quotes and proposals manually with basic office software? If you’re spending too much time researching product information from multiple sources, or inadvertently forcing your clients to print, sign, and scan or fax back their quotes…there IS a better way.

The quote and proposal process doesn’t have to be a struggle. Stop keeping your star sales reps from selling.

With ConnectWise Sell, your team won’t be bogged down in time-consuming, manual tasks. Your quotes and proposals will be streamlined, hyper-accurate, ultra-professional, and automatic. Sign up for a live demo today to see how ConnectWise Sell can speed up your sales cycle and win more deals.

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Quote and proposal software can take those mundane tasks and turn them into a quick, easy, and fun way to churn out quotes and proposals. Quosal allows your reps to:

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