What’s Your Need – Quote to Order Workflow

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There are many ways in which Quosal will help you win sales; we’ll do just as much for your business AFTER you win. Our first goal will be to work to ensure you don’t have to enter information twice into your operational or accounting systems with quality integrations and process know-how.

It’s easy to underestimate the information flow that takes place after you win your sale – especially if new products are created through your quoting process, as is often the case. Customer onboarding, product creation, final opportunity system updates, sales order generation, service ticket creation – all are just a small sampling of some of the activities when a customer says “yes”. For many customers those steps consume hours and cut into profit margins – in some cases, to the point where winning a quote isn’t viewed as the win it should be. Quosal automates to reduce or eliminate re-entry of data, remove steps, reduce errors and increase efficiency and profitability.

Sales is a service – quote-to-order efficiency is a key to meeting customer expectations.

Quosal will help you eliminate steps and automate quote-to-order workflow:

  • Eliminates data re-entry with integration to your CRM, operational systems such as your PSA application, your accounting system, and your vendors
  • E-signed quote documents and contracts can be routed to the appropriate systems and folders
  • Quosal “Win!” processing reduces steps and can included scripted audit on your won quotes before order transformation
  • Automated notifications ensure critical steps don’t fall through the cracks

  • Post-win SuccessList™ events track quote-to-order efficiency
  • Processing steps required of your sales team can be minimized; steps can be routed to appropriate admin staff to keep your sales team focused on selling
  • Automatic payment collection and recurring payment setup via Order Porter™ remove finance bottlenecks to speed order fulfillment

For more information about Quote to Order Workflow, please call 888.266.8795 or email info@quosal.com.