What’s Your Need – Sales Transformation

Transform your sales process with Quosal.

Sometimes, the sales process can be like the Wild West. Reps are ready and willing to meet their quota in whatever way possible. This can mean heavy discounting, sending out quotes and proposals as fast as they can, and making deals around agreements and terms.

Implementing a standard sales process is an easy way to ensure that your sales team is providing a consistent experience and message to your clients. With Quosal, you can transform your sales into a quoting, proposing and closing machine.

We have developed a guide of best practices on how transform your sales. The Insider’s Guide to Sales Transformation will cover how to automate, accelerate, mobilize, impress, and manage your sales process by optimizing your quoting and proposing process.

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Quosal has built-in features that make implementing a standard sales process simple:

  • Guided selling walks reps through the important milestones in quote creation, so no steps are missed.
  • Custom branded templates are available to ensure that each quote sent out is professionally branded.
  • Peer review and management approval workflows give your quotes and proposals a second set of eyes to eliminate costly mistakes.

For more information on how Quosal can help transform the sales process, please call 888.266.8795 or email info@quosal.com.