What’s Your Need – Sales Workflow Automation

Quosal’s SuccessList™
Brings Sales Workflow Automation to the level of
Game Change

Sales workflow automation tends to center on opportunity management, and is typically highly reactive in nature. The accuracy of the opportunity record – and the presence or absence of the proper activities and events needed to win business – usually relies heavily on the diligence of individual sales people – before, during, and after the all-critical quoting phase of your opportunity.

At Quosal, we help sales professionals gain success on each and every sale with the identification of key events, their sequence, and their optimal delivery time frames. We help build a project or roadmap to the win, which we call the SuccessList. We then highly automate the delivery and visibility for your sales team members and their management of those success events to move that opportunity along to a positive result. We even automate the back-end record keeping within your CRM and opportunity system to ensure a full, accurate picture of how we won the sale – which adds to the SuccessList for the rest of your organization. The net result is more business, closed faster than ever – with less busy-work for your sales team to keep them focused on selling.

SuccessList is the first proactive sales guide, leading you to your wins based on your own history of success.

Quosal Sell and SuccessList will help guide your team to success:

  • Automated notifications when quote demands or pressures are detected from demand sources such as your CRM/opportunity management system
  • SuccessList events are tracked and visible at all times on each salesperson’s quoting home page to ensure optimum time frames for each event are met and acted on
  • Tasks and activities, as well as activity history, are automatically generated by ongoing work effort of the salesperson, reducing redundant data entry and ensuring accurate history

Achieve higher faster closing rates with these outstanding benefits:

  • Each won (and lost) sale contributes to the historic data profile leveraged by SuccessList
  • All quote-related events and transactions are streamed to the sales rep via Quosal Sell notifications. Notifications can be grouped, filtered, and sorted
  • Workflow support ensures that nothing germane to making the sales slips through the cracks
  • Exception-based views of overall SuccessList status communicated through sales management dashboard

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