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Quosal provides support resources for all registered users of Quosal. This includes users of our 30-day trial versions. Support resources include:
  • Knowledge Base within Quosal
  • Training and Support Video Library
  • Documentation Resources within Quosal
  • Community Support Resources
  • Email Support


Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base contains our How-To Guide, the Quosal user Manual and Quick Start Guide, and a growing library of support articles on every tropic concerned with Quotes and Proposals. The complete Knowledge Base is only available inside the Quosal application itself through the Help -> Knowledge Base option and articles can be printed for your convenience. The articles may contain links to our video library or other convenient resources. The Knowledge Base is maintained by Quosal, but users can submit articles for inclusion. The knowledge base is keyword-searchable and easy to use.


Documentation can be downloaded at any time through the
Help -> Documentation menu option within Quosal.

Training and Support Videos

We’re real believers in the creation of quality videos for demonstrations, training, and support. Quosal maintains a growing library of videos for all of these purposes, keyword-searchable through our Knowledge Base and easy to use. You’ll quickly learn what you need to know using the Quosal video library.

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Community Support

Quosal provides the means for users to easily share “Quosal approved” content with each other. This includes:
  • Product File Mappings to Distributors and Vendors
  • Form Generator Forms
  • Proposal Document and Contract Templates

Quosal verifies and approves all content offered for sharing through our Community Library, so you can be confident in the quality and security of available items.

(1) - Email

All Emails should be sent to:


A support ticket will be automatically created on our support board and a representative will contact you either by email or phone.

(2) - Online Chat

When a representative is available, the Online Chat option appears on the support page. You will find the chat option at the top of this page on the right.

(3) - Using the support menu in Quosal

To access this menu in Quosal, go to Support > Support Ticket.

A support ticket will be automatically created on our support board and a representative will contact you either by email or phone.

(4) - Phone Support

Calling 888-266-8795 Option 1 will route you to voice mail for support.

Please leave a detailed message and a representative will create a support ticket for you.